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In the East, Bay seems to have no serious challengers, despite the Groundhog’s minor run so far. In the West, Montreal and Vatican City will be duking it out for the last playoff spot.


The stats listed in this site are the results of the games listed on the schedule page as already being played. As always, there is a delay from when managers play games and for me to update the website. I usually do it at least once on weekends.











Just how dominate was the Winburns’ 21-9 record in June? Well, the team batted .301 for the month,  knocking Montreal out of the top position for the best team batting ave in the league. They also had FIVE players with 20+ rbi (unheard of as far as I’ve been doing recaps!), and one other guy with 19 rbi. Z Cozart batted .376 with 22 runs, 8 homeruns, and 24 rbi; Y Puig hit .355, scored 19 runs on 7 homers and had 26 rbi; C Blackmon hit .350 and scored 33 runs(!!!) while smacking 9 homers and had 22 rbi; J Upton belted 10 homers with his .323 ave, and scored 21 runs with 27 rbi; J Votto hit .303 with 24 runs and 20 rbi; J Realmuto was the slacker as he batted .290 with 19 rbi. With all the offense, it doesn’t matter that for the second straight month the team’s era was north of 4. Last month it was 4.16, as M Leake was 4-1 with a nice 2.87 era; Z Greinke was 4-1 with a 4.32 era; and somehow C Kershaw managed to go 5-0 with an ugly 5.40 era. Maybe all those past Cy Youngs just scared opponents into submission.


The Saints went 20-10 to stay in 2nd place the old fashioned way - on the back of P Goldschmidt. The big guy hit .385, scored 27 runs, had 12 homeruns, and a robust 32 rbi. C Hernandez batted .308 and scored 19 runs, and while A McCutchen hit just .239, he did score 20 runs and had 16 rbi. The East’s Lefty Combo (J Quintana 3-2, 2.18 era; R Ray 4-0 4.81 era) did better than the West’s Lefty Combo (Kershaw and M Bumgarner were 6-3 last month). M Scherzer was 5-1 with a 2.58 era, and I Nova was 4-2 with a 3.55 era. The team’s 3.58 team era for the month was also enough to knock Montreal out the top spot for team era for the year. To consolidate their hold on the top spot, the Saints traded for LON’s T Walker, hoping the change of scenery will add some wins to his column.

Woodland Hills

The Chompers romped to a league best 22-8 record last month as the team shored up their pitching staff and had a nice 3.53 era in June. Rookie D Lamet opened some eyes as he went 3-1 with a 1.46 era; A Wainwright went 4-0 with a 3 era, and was promptly shipped out of there in a trade (Thanks for everything, old man, don't let the door hit you on the way out!); and Z Davies was 3-1 with a 3.50 era. Reliever J Barnes was 4-1 with a 3.32 era. The offense showcased power, as the Chompers hit 56 homeruns in June, most in the league. M Conforto hit .267 with 10 homeruns, scored 18 runs and collected 16 rbi; G Stanton cooled down a bit, but still hit 12 homers, drove in 30 men, and scored 20 runs. In that aforementioned trade, Manager Randy is taking a chance. He traded an 8-4 record with a 4.23 era and 7 homers allowed (A Wainwright), for a player (E Santana) who has a 4-9 record, 4.60 era, and 20 homers allowed. Obviously he saw something he liked in Santana, and thought he was underperforming in the Eastern division. But it's not like the West is a cakewalk...


The Expos may have dropped to 2nd place in both team batting ave and team era, but Montreal finally stopped their fall in the standings and actually moved up 1 spot based on a 20-10 June record. J Altuve hit .317 and scored 31 runs; C Yelich hit .311 withy 27 rbi; and K Bryant had another good month as he batted .274 with 9 homeruns and 25 rbi. J Chacin should have been undefeated last month with a 1.88 era, but he only went 4-2; C Martinez was 3-0 with a 3.55 era. If the season ended today, the Expos would be the 4th wildcard. But with all the movement up and down in the standings that this team has done in the first half, nothing can be taken for granted. We'll give them another month before we jump on the band wagon.

Vatican City

The Cardinals went 18-12 last month and climbed up 3 spots as J Degrom was 3-1 with a 3.08 era. D Pomeranz (2-2, 2.89 era) and G Gonzalaz (3-3, 2.41 era) could have used some offensive support to boost their won-loss records. M Joyce wasn’t much help as he batted .212 but he chipped in with 8 homers and 19 rbi; C Granderson hit .229; and B Posey was rather pedestrian as he hit just .244. D Murphy was solid, batting .300 with 22 runs. R Zimmerman hit 9 homeruns and had 24 rbi to go with his .260 ave. Can this team keep climbing up in the standings? Hard to say because the offense has not been consistent at all. This last round against the East might be their best bet to make some hay while the sun shines.


The Swingers also climbed up three spots as the team went 17-13 behind J lamb of all people. The swing and miss guy actually batted .299 with 20 rbi. C Bellinger continued to get out of his early season funk as he batted .240, scored 21 runs, hit 9 homeruns and had 19 rbi. A Rizzo offset his dismal .211 batting ave with 18 runs and 20 rbi. How he did that I’ll never know. Somehow R Stephenson went 3-1 with a 4.59 era; and the relievers were good as R Buchter (3-0, 1.72) and B Kintzler (2-0, 4.26) helped the team become somewhat respectable. The Swingers may be 4th in team batting ave, but being 30+ homeruns short of the top 4 playoff contenders shows that power is the way to go in this league.

Hell's Kitchen

Looks can be deceiving, as the Westies are in 2nd place in the East, but have three teams ahead of them for that 4th playoff spot. After batting .222 as a team in May, the offense perked up and hit .260 in June, but Hell’s Kitchen fell 1 spot in the standings by going 12-18. That record was made possible by a usuall reliable pitching staff: P Neshak was 0-2 with a 7.62 era in relief; M Folty was 1-2 with a 6.75 era in six starts; and E Santana was 1-4 with a 6.09 era. Manager Billy was able, somehow, to find a buyer for the 4-9 Santana after his bad month, and shipped him off to wreck havoc in Woodland Hills. A Nola is not going anywhere, as he went 4-1 with a 2.61 era. B Harper came in hot and batted .327 with 22 runs, 11 homers, and 26 rbi. F Freeman hit just .264, but scored 20 runs. Now that the offense is showing some life maybe the team can start moving up in the standings.


The Groundhogs had the biggest drop in the standings falling here to #8 from #4 due to a 9-21 June. The team's June 5.48 era doomed the team as J Eickoff went 1-4 with a 7.16 era; C Hamels was 0-2 with a 6.06 era; and J Hellickson was 1-4 with a 6.02 era. While A Beltre hit .329, J Bruce hit .207 and A Pollock hit just .208. Newcomer E Thames had 18 rbi with 6 homers and a .244 ave. At the end of April, this team was ranked #2 in the league, believe it or not. By trading away M Albers and G Holland to Bayou, (two of their top relievers), it seems the Punxsutawney freefall is going to continue.

Avila Beach

The Beach Bums went 12-18 last month and fell 1 spot with a horrendous 6.76 team era. D Straily started 5 games, averaged under 4 innings a start, and went 0-5 with a 13 era; J Taillon was 1-3 with a 7.64 era. G Cole was a workhorse, starting 8 games and he went 3-3 with a 4.17 era. T Turner hit .316 and scored 20 runs, and K Schwarber batted .293 with 10 homers and 25 rbi. C Taylor flopped badly, batting just .198 in 30 games, but he did score 18 runs. It’s amazing that this team has 68 stolen bases and has only been caught 6 times. If this trend continues, the team will lead the league in stolen bases with a fantastic 91% success ratio. Still, that milestone will not stop the heartache for the Bum fans, as the team has given up 140 homeruns so far, nearly 2 per game. All the speed on the base paths doesn’t help in the field when the balls are flying over the wall.


Longmeadow went 10-20 in June, the result of an unproductive offense and in-effective pitching. J Garcia went 2-4 with an 8.24 era, and A Cashner went 0-4 with a 4.91 era. Z Godly was a victim of poor run support as he had a 3.31 era, but only went 2-3 in his five starts. As to that offense, J Lucroy hit just .170, T Frazier .214 with 8 homers and 16 rbi, and A Duvall hit .189 with 15 runs and 15 rbi. D Fowler was somewhat productive with 15 runs and 20 rbi as he batted .243.


The Reavers also went 10-20 with an even worse offense (nothing new here, folks), as S Schebler hit just .128; D Swanson .192; and K Marte .227. M Adams did the best he could with a .274 ave, and scored 16 runs with 17 rbi. For the pitching staff, S Romano went 0-5 with a 6.48 era, and W Miley was 0-4 with a 6.32 era. C Rusin went 2-1 last month with a 2.70 era, and instantly made himself an attractive trade target for a contender. Half the season is over, and Colorado is hitting .222 as a team. It’s going to be a long second half if T Shaw and A Barnes don’t start hitting to their potential.


The Rockers went 9-21 last month, and this is how many losses the team had in the first three months of the season: 15, 19, and 21. Will there be any improvement in the 2nd half? All signs point to no as the Rockers have the worst pitching era in the league. J Lester went 1-3 with a 9.11 era; T Blach 2-3 with a 6.53 era; T Adleman 1-4 with a 6.29 era; and M Garza was 1-4 with a 5.09 era. JD Martinez may just be the best offensive player in the league, but he has no relevancy at all because he’s stuck on the worst team in the league. I first noticed this “Best Player We Don’t Have To Worry About” status when Albert Pujols was drafted by Saskatchewan years ago. For six or seven years while Pujols collected his MVP’s in real life, he had no relevancy to us because Saskatchewan was the worst team in the West. Then, after 1 productive draft, SAS reeled off 5 consecutive Division wins. Can the Rockers make JD relevant sooner? Time will tell. For now, Martinez batted .280 last month with 18 runs, 10 homers and 24 rbi. He wasn’t helped at all by M Trumbo who hit .190, B Crawford and his .198 ave, and C Dickerson, who hit .215

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2018 Emp Lg JUL Playball             Date: 7/30/2018


2018 FLO  69  31    J.Altuve  MON .333  G.Stanton WHL   38  G.Stanton WHL   94

2018 WHL  61  39    J.Upton   FLO .333  J.Upton   FLO   30  J.Upton   FLO   80

2018 MON  59  41    D.Gordon  HOL .326  J.Martine RRK   29  P.Goldsch BAY   77

2018 VAT  54  46    C.Blackmo FLO .311  P.Goldsch BAY   24  C.Blackmo FLO   70

2018 HOL  44  51    A.Rendon  ABB .293  P.Dejong  LON   24  D.Santana MON   68

2018 RRK  37  63

                   WINS                SAVES               ERA

2018 BAY  64  36    C.Martine MON   14  F.Rodney  WHL   32  M.Leake   FLO 2.64

2018 PUN  48  52    Z.Greinke FLO   14  K.Jansen  FLO   27  M.Scherze BAY 2.69

2018 HKW  45  55    J.Chacin  MON   13  K.Giles   VAT   22  A.Nola    HKW 2.72

2018 ABB  44  56    OTHERS TIED W   12  A.Chapman HKW   21  Y.Darvish MON 2.75

2018 LON  37  63                        F.Rivero  MON   19  G.Gonzale VAT 2.88

2018 COL  33  62

                   CUR HIT STREAK      STOLEN BASES        STRIKEOUTS

                   J.Segura  ABB    8  D.Gordon  HOL   48  M.Scherze BAY  179

                   O.Arcia   MON    7  T.Turner  ABB   26  Z.Greinke FLO  161

                   OTHERS TIED W    6  C.Maybin  HKW   19  C.Martine MON  159

                                       J.Altuve  MON   19  J.Quintan BAY  153

                                       E.Inciart RRK   17  C.Kershaw FLO  151



J.Bour        WHL .542 24 13 10  2  5  A.Reed        HKW  6  1  0  1  8  0 100

T.Pham        ABB .533 30 16 10  8  5  B.Hand        VAT  5  3  0  0 11  0 100

C.Granderson  VAT .286 28  8  9  5  4  K.Giles       VAT  7  2  0  3 10  0 003

D.Santana     MON .333 24  8  5  5  2  G.Holland     BAY  6  1  0  2  4  0 001

N.Arenado     VAT .346 26  9  5  6  2  M.Montgomery  RRK  9  3  0  3  7  0 100



Y.Molina      HKW .097 31  3  1  1  0  S.Matz        LON  7 15 11  7  4  3 020

J.Baez        HKW .138 29  4  0  1  0  S.Romano      COL  5  9  9  2  2  3 010

D.Fowler      LON .129 31  4  1  1  0  C.Kershaw     FLO  5 11  7  0  9  3 010

C.Hernandez   BAY .107 28  3  0  6  0  M.Estrada     HOL  6  9  7  4  8  2 010

R.Martin      MON .190 21  4  0  4  0  L.Perdomo     HOL  6  9  6  4  5  1 010


No injuries to report