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Season’s over, and here are the results:


Vatican City

Last year the Cardinals finished with 89 wins, third in the league, and went on to win the Championship. This year the team finished with 99 wins for the best record in the league. In Sept. The team went a so-so 16-14, as N Arenado batted .268 with 17 runs, 12 homers and 32 rbi! He finished the year with 42 homers and 112 rbi, both team bests. In fact, those 42 homeruns lead the league as well. G Gonzalaz went 3-0 with a 1.71 era, but M Harvey (1-3, 8.88) and T Koehler (1-3, 9.62 era) really stunk up the month, but did not hurt the team as Vatican City won the best record in the league by 4 games over the Westies. J Fernandez was 1-2 with a 1.96 era, but he ended up leading league with 18 wins, and a league best 2.39 era. The Cardinals were 6th in team batting ave, third in team era, but they won with power, as they are second in the league in hitting longballs. And that will be the key in the playoffs: this team has power everywhere in the lineup. 7 out of the 8 lineups spots for hitters had 20+ homeruns hit there. These guys can score runs easily, with one swing of the bat. How can you beat them in the playoffs? VAT had only one losing month, in July, when N Arenado had his worst hitting month, batting just .159. If he gets cold, maybe this team can be stopped from winning their 2nd Championship in a row.

Hell's Kitchen

Last year Hell’s Kitchen went 87-73 and snuck into the playoffs despite being 25 games out of the division lead. This year, the team won 95 games AND the Eastern Division title. The team went a solid 20-10 in Sept, but fell four games short of having the best record in the league. Nevertheless, M Foltynecizc went 4-0 with a 1.46 era, and newcomer T Thornburg racked up 7 saves with 2 wins, without allowing a run the whole month. B Zorbrist scored 20 runs as he batted a cool .344, and F Freeman hit .284 with 16 runs and 26 rbi. F Freeman ended up leading the league in runs with 108, and rbi, with 128. The man did it all for his team, and for half the year was a true triple crown threat. The Westies are 2nd in the league in hitting, though first among the 4 playoff teams, and first in the league for team era. And that is how they will win in the playoffs: these pitchers will beat you because they don’t allow a lot of homeruns, and have the best opponent batting ave with a .219 mark. How will they lose? If somehow the pitching goes belly-up: The only time the team had a losing month was when both M Folty (who finished the season with a 10-0 record and 2.39 era) and J Guerra (13-2, 3.61) were held out of action.


The Rockers were 75-85 last year, but turned it around and ended up 91-69 to take solid hold of the third playoff spot. They were hot at the end, going 21-9 in Sept as E Inciarte batted .328 with 13 runs and 16 rbi; J Turner hit .319 with 22 rbi; and J Votto scored 28 runs with his .307 ave. J Lester (3-1, 2.31), N Syndegard (3-1, 4.29), and J Ross (3-1, 4.55) all propelled the team to the playoffs. The Rockers are third in the league in team batting ave, third in team era, but lead the league in homeruns. Their team OPS of .788 also leads the league. This shows that to win in the playoffs they will need to put up some runs via the homerun, and they have the guys to do it: like VAT, 7 out of the 8 position player lineups slots hit 20 or more homeruns during the season. Two of the slots, #3 and #4, hit +40 homeruns. They have, arguably, two of the top 5 players in the league with Votto and Lemaheiu. Lemaheiu ended up the year with a .323 ave, and lead the league in triples with 16. How will this team lose in the playoffs? They would have to run into a couple of hard righthanders who would shut down the Turner/Kemp/Gattis/Trumbo quartet. But what are the odds of running into a pitcher or two like that when the playoffs start?


Last year as Gulf Coast Kayakers, Bob went an astounding 112-48, had 20+ wins in 4 separate months, tied for the best record in the league, and went on to win the Championship - oh wait... I’m sorry, forgot I was writing about the perpetual bridesmaid manager, Bob Schwerin. Bob’s teams have played for the Championship quite a few times, five I think?, and has yet to win the big prize. This year will be an uphill battle, but he does have the tools to do it if everything breaks right. In Sept. The Saints went 18-12 as A Asher went 3-0 with a spiffy 0.68 era; T Cahill was 3-0 with a 1.74 era; and M Scherzer was 3-2 with a 3.18 era. L Cain hit .370; M Carpenter batted .330 with 16 runs, 10 doubles, 8 homers and 23 rbi; C Hernandez hit .323 and scored 19 runs. Not known for its speed, the team went 23-5 in the stolen base dept last month. Bayou is 4th in team batting ave, and 5th in team era, so they probably will be written off by Empire prognosticators, but this is just the type of team that can sneak a series win. They have power, again 7 out of the 8 position slots in the lineup have hit 20+ homeruns, and they have speed to take the extra base and get out of double play situations. They are also a good clutch hitting team, so with the right amount of breaks they can surprise some of the bigger boys here. And the baseball Gods know this team is due for some breaks in the playoffs.


After rising up to the top 4 teams in July, Florida has slumped badly: last month the team went 15-15 as C Kershaw had to sit the last month for usage reasons, and the team era rose to an ugly 4.39. Z Greinke couldn’t handle the pressure, and went 2-3 with an 8.39 era; P Corbin was 3-3 with a 6.62 era; and R Ray got no help at all as he was 1-4 with a respectable 3.21 era. A Gonzalaz batted .272 with 13 runs and 13 rbi; but A Eaton hit just .238 as he somehow managed to score 18 runs. Overall, the team continued it’s power shortage, and hit just 12 homers in its last 30 games, and the team hit a mediocre .254. On the plus side, K Jansen ended up leading the league in saves  with 37, and the pitching staff had the 4th best team era in the league. But the offense never got untracked, and the team ended up 8th in team batting, and second to last in home runs hit with a 130 for the year. That is probably the most telling stat, as power has become THE commodity to have in order to advance in the playoffs. It used to be pitching, but Vatican City proved last year that power can carry you all the way to the top.


The Swingers moved up 2 spots here as the team hit a surprising .280 in Sept. A Rizzo got hot when it counted least, batting .345, scoring 22 runs, with 19 rbi. C Seager rounded out a great year as he hit .340, scored 20 runs with 16 rbi. Me Cabrera was the third player to score 20+ runs last month, as he hit .336 with 21 runs and 18 rbi. For a team that hit in the .230's or worse in three of the 6 months of the season, having the team bat .280 when totally out of the race hurts a lot. However, the pitching also tanked in the last month, as M Estrada was 1-2 with a 6.55 era; J Lackey 2-3 with a 6.47 era; and C Bettis was 1-3 with a 3.86 era. The good news about this year is that the team lead the league in triples with 62, but having just 132 homeruns (2 more than Florida) shows the Swingers need a lot of work for next year.


Last month the Expos were knocking on the door to the playoffs, but a 12-18 Sept dropped Montreal 2 spots. The offense, surprisingly, was the problem as the team hit just .254 in its final 30 games. T Tulowitzki hit just .169; C Ruiz .209; Y Alonso .212; and C Yelich .217. M Prado batted .299 with 21 rbi, and J Altuve scored 19 runs with a .312 ave. Altuve also had 5 homeruns, and 14 rbi, and ended up winning the batting title of the league with a .331 mark. Altuve also lead the league with 50 doubles. K Bryant had 17 rbi, but hit just .227. While C Martinez was 4-0 with a 1.87 era, J Hahn was a victim of poor support as he was 1-3 with a 3.15 era. J Chacin was 1-5 with a 4.93 era.

Avila Beach

Last year Avila Beach lost an even 100 games, so this year’s 78-82 record is quite an improvement. In the last 30 games, the team moved up 2 spots by going 20-10 in Sept. J Kang, who has been on the trading block ALL season, made his presence felt by hitting .271, scoring 28 runs with 11 doubles, 9 homers and 19 rbi. H pence ended the year on a good note, hitting .294 with 13 runs and 14 rbi. The pitching staff really rocked this last month: I Kennedy went 5-0 with a 3.38 era. He gave up 11 homeruns, and finished with a league leading 38 homers allowed. K Hendricks was 4-1 with a 2.52 era; and J Taillon was 4-2 with a 2.38 era. The Bums lead the league with 179 stolen bases, but a .243 team batting ave left a lot of them on base. The pitching staff’s 4.45 team era (8th in the league) is surprisingly better than I thought it would be since the team gave up a league leading 229 homeruns allowed. Overall, though, it was a big jump from last year’s dismal team, so hopefully the team can get over .500 next year... At least.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Last year Longmeadow was 112-48, tied for the best record in the league; this year, the Truckers flirted with the playoffs early, but fell, fell, fell and ended up in this 9th spot, 23 games behind Vatican City. The team went 12-18 in Sept, and a large part of that was the pitching staff: A Cashner was 1-2 with an 8.58 era; S Matz 2-3, 5.30 era. The 4.91 team era last month dropped the team all the way to the 10th spot in team era. Things were a little better offensively as the youngsters showed their stuff: C Blackmon batted .341 with 8 homers and 24 rbi; S Piscotty hit .314 and scored 19 runs. But here’s something strange: Mi Cabrera had 25 rbi with his .265 ave, and A Duvall had 23 rbi with his .252 ave. What’s strange is that the team had 3 20+ rbi men in the same month. Usually a team ends up with a winning record with that stat, but the awful pitching sunk them. That would explain why even though Longmeadow is 5th in team batting ave, and 4th in home runs hit offensively, the tea ended up 76-84 for the year.


The Groundhogs is another team that flirted with the playoffs: Punx was 2 games out of the 4th ploayoff spot in July, but have plummeted since then to end up in the number 10 spot. In Sept the team went 9-21 as the team hit a feeble .230 in their last 30 games. J Panik was horrible again, batting .158 with 1 run scored. F Galvis hit .205 with 10 runs; B McCann hit .225. On the plus side, R Braun hit .339 with 21 runs scored, 8 homers, and 23 rbi; A Beltre chugged along as usual, batting .267 with 17 runs, 8 homers, and 19 rbi. The pitching staff had some problems: L Verrett was 0-6 with an 8.78 era; and J Sheilds was 1-4 with a 6.41 era. J De La Rosa was 2-4 with a 7.41 era. J Cueto, the lone bright spot on the staff, was a victim of poor support once again: he was 2-3 with a 2.95 era. J Cueto, statistically, did great for the year. He was 2nd in the league for era with 2.59; and second in innings pitched with 226. He had a solid 2.59 era for the year, but only had a 13-13 record to show for it.

Woodland Hills

Just last month Woodland Hills had their first winning month this season, but then the Chompers realized who they were and went 10-20 in Sept. The pitching staff pretty much killed the team, well maybe it's not the whole staff: R Gsellman had the honor of going 0-5 with a 14.85 era, WITH ONLY 6.2 INNINGS PITCHED! It's not like he was the mop up guy, with six innings pitched; and it's not like he was the closer in high value situations (Carl Edwards Jr had 7 saves with just 7 innings and no runs allowed). Gsellman was like death on the mound. He only needed to throw 1 or 2 pitches, and the Chompers lost the game, and then he calmly went back to the bullpen and waited for the next game that he could kill. But it's not like everyone else was Cy Young: Z Davis was 2-4 with 4.15 era; J Urias showed promise for the future as he had a fine 2.78 era, but because of the offense he was 0-3. Another rookie, E Nunez performed well, batting .344 with 18 runs; S Marte hit .342 with 15 runs. W Myers.... What to do with this guy? He batted just .222, but he was the main guy to drive in runs - he lead the team with 18 last month. I wonder if Manager Bricker has his eye on another 1baseman in the draft? W Ramos hit .265 with 14 rbi. An interesting note: with a league that has speedsters B Hamilton, D Gordon, T Turner, Starling Marte ended up leading the league in steals with 55. Woodland Hills ended up third in the league in stolen bases.

Johnson Creek

After losing 125 games last year in some eye-opening ways, this year’s 57-103 record the Usage Kings ended up with is like a breath of fresh air. Well, as fresh as can be losing 100+ games. In Sept Johnson Creek went 11-19 as the team era was a pretty bad 5.07. C Kuhl was 0-3 with a 4.88 era, but there were bright spots: B Norris was 2-2 with a nifty 1.74 era; C Freidrich was 2-2 with a 2.57 era.  The team batting ave was .240, kind of good despite the fact the pitchers received a large number of at bats once again. (Interestingly, both BAY and JCK ended up with a large amount of at bats for pitchers, about 50-100 more than the other teams. In BAY’s case, when you have F Liriano [.286] and J Zimmerman [.267] it makes some sense. JCK pinch hitting pitchers went .067 -yuck, to paraphrase D Eckersley.) But maybe having the pitchers hit is a good thing. J Villar batted only .193 with 12 runs last month. Villar ended up leading the league in strikeouts with 181, and errors with 38. But he did score 92 runs despite a .235 ave. B Moss batted .198 with 14 runs and 22 rbi; E Aybar hit just .211 and J Peterson .222. It’s stats like this that explains why Johnson Creek is last in the league in both team batting ave, and team era. Hopefully next year will be better yet.

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2017 Emp Lg - Final                  Date: 10/1/2017


2017 VAT  99  61    J.Altuve  MON .331  N.Arenado VAT   42  F.Freeman HKW  128

2017 RRK  91  69    R.Braun   PUN .323  F.Freeman HKW   41  M.Cabrera LON  117

2017 FLO  81  79    D.Lemahie RRK .323  M.Cabrera LON   37  N.Arenado VAT  112

2017 HOL  79  81    C.Yelich  MON .316  M.Ozuna   PUN   35  A.Beltre  PUN  100

2017 MON  79  81    C.Seager  HOL .313  J.Bruce   PUN   35  P.Goldsch BAY   98

2017 WHL  66  94

                   WINS                SAVES               ERA

2017 HKW  95  65    J.Fernand VAT   18  K.Jansen  FLO   37  J.Fernand VAT 2.39

2017 BAY  87  73    J.Arrieta LON   17  J.Familia VAT   36  J.Cueto   PUN 2.59

2017 ABB  78  82    B.Colon   RRK   17  J.Johnson HOL   32  J.Lester  RRK 3.09

2017 LON  76  84    T.Roark   HKW   16  A.Chapman HKW   29  T.Roark   HKW 3.16

2017 PUN  72  88    OTHERS TIED W   15  S.Oh      RRK   29  B.Colon   RRK 3.24

2017 JCK  57 103

                   CUR HIT STREAK      STOLEN BASES        STRIKEOUTS

                   M.Duffy   HKW    8  S.Marte   WHL   55  M.Scherze BAY  297

                   B.Zobrist HKW    8  T.Jankows PUN   54  J.Fernand VAT  237

                   W.Ramos   WHL    8  J.Villar  JCK   48  M.Bumgarn FLO  211

                   J.Segura  ABB    7  D.Gordon  HOL   43  C.Hamels  LON  207

                   OTHERS TIED W    6  B.Hamilto ABB   40  J.Cueto   PUN  202



C.Blackmon    LON .375 24  9 10  5  5  A.Ramos       BAY  5  1  0  1  9  0 000

N.Arenado     VAT .302 43 13 17  3  6  K.Jansen      FLO  5  3  0  1 12  0 004

J.Lamb        HOL .419 31 13 13  3  3  J.Taillon     ABB 11  5  0  1 11  0 200

K.Bryant      MON .297 37 11  9  6  5  B.Norris      JCK  6  1  0  3  9  0 000

N.Walker      VAT .391 23  9  4  3  3  R.Buchter     HOL  6  2  1  2 11  0 200



B.McCann      PUN .139 36  5  1  1  0  M.Estrada     HOL  8 15 12  3  9  3 010

F.Galvis      PUN .194 36  7  0  0  0  T.Chatwood    HKW  9 13 10  7  6  3 020

A.Beltre      PUN .186 43  8  0  1  0  C.Rusin       JCK  5  9  6  4  3  3 020

A.Russell     HKW .129 31  4  0  3  0  J.Lackey      HOL 12 18 12  6 14  2 020

J.Lucroy      LON .214 28  6  1  0  0  A.Bradley     ABB  5  8  6  7  4  1 010


No injuries to report